Updated: Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Chemistry.com is a new site founded by the creators of match.com that focus on specific traits to help you find your dream man or woman. A series of questions help form a profile that is used to find your potential matches.

Questions include:

  • Is your index finger longer or shorter than your ring finger?
  • Adjust this shape so that it is close to the other shape in size
  • How long do your typical arguments last?
  • If you could look in someone else’s window without being caught would you?

While you can use Chemistry free, you are entitled to additional benefits if you enroll for a full membership. Memberships cost $49.95 for one month, $33.32 per month for three months, or $26.65 per month for six months. Local sales taxes are not included in the price.

While a free membership allows you to view profiles and create your own Chemistry profile, a paid membership offers additional benefits.

  • Access to members who show interest in you
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Email communication through the website
  • Feedback
  • Dating and relationship advice
  • Instant messaging capabilities
  • Brief questions for the introduction process
  • Deleting matches from your archives

Chemistry.com offers a unique way to find romance based on your personality and background. Bypassing a system based solely on looks provides you with the opportunity to meet some truly fascinating people.

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