Updated: Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Since 1997, Lavalife has been helping people find friends, casual dates, or passionate romances. Lavalife does not offer membership plans, instead users must pay for credits in order to actively participate in the website.

When you first enroll, you are asked to create a “Dating” profile, “Relationship” profile, and “Intimate” profile. Dating is used for finding casual dates. Relationship is used for finding friends. Intimate is for finding lasting romances.

You have the option of scanning member profiles and then sending them emails or instant messages. While replying to emails is free, you cannot send them unless you have at least six credits. Your first email to a specific user costs you six credits, after that all future emails are free.

Instant messaging also costs credits. Six credits will buy you twenty minutes worth of instant messaging. Twelve credits provide you with a full hour. After that, you can purchase five-minute time spans for two credits each unit.

To purchase credits, you need to use a credit card either through their website or over the phone. If you do not have a credit card, you must mail them a money order, but you do have to wait up to a week to allow for mailing times.

Credits cost $14.99 for fifty, $24.99 for 100, or $39.99 for 200. You can also call their 1-900 number to order fifty credits. Using the 1-900 number is higher with the total coming to $19.99 plus sales tax. You will receive the bill via your monthly phone bill.

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